My first blog post

Its been a long time coming and, some may say, probably not really worth waiting for.  But here it is.  My first Blog.

That sounds like it should be written in multi-coloured sans serif text with a picture of cartoon rabbit underneath it.  But as I don’t know how to upload images yet, let alone change font styles, you’ll have to visualise it stuck to the notice board in a dusty 1960s primary school form room with proud parents pointing and cooing at their offspring’s new found expressive skills in exactly the way that proud parents probably don’t do these days.

That’s not to say that parents aren’t still proud.  Indeed, judging by the plethora of reality TV shows and new found ways of self broadcast of even the most minor talents, I’d imagine you could probably run a small city off the heat generated by parental pride in modern Britain.  But I’d guess that proud parents in 2012 probably wouldn’t jab fingers at anything created by the beloved fruit of their loins unless it was on an LCD wide-screen, preferably viewed in 3D and probably wrapped in some piece of elegantly designed technology with an ‘i’ prefix.

Those more astute of you will probably glean most of the salient facts about me from the above paragraphs.  Born in the late 50’s (the last months actually), no children, a tendency to see everyday life in a slightly irreverent way, and working on my credentials as a full time curmudgeon, just as soon as I can find a flat cap and a catchphrase that suits me.

But I digress : I do a lot of that as you’ll probably find out if you ever bother to read anything else that I post up here, when and if I get around to it.

But just for clarity, and probably by way of setting out my admittedly muddled aims with this online tome, I’ll simply list the areas of human experience that I’m most interested in.  That way if none of these topics raise even the slightest glimmer of interest in you, you can feel free to click away and watch another episode of an infinitely more engaging snippet on YouTube, update your status on Facebook about what a bloody awful Blog you’ve just been reading, or simply switch the computer off and go and cuddle the cat or something.

My interests :

Psychology (I have 2 degrees in the subject but don’t let that worry you)

Music (I was a musician during the 1980s in several bands.  Never got anywhere myself but I played with a few people that did.  The bastards! I was also involved in the campaign to save BBC 6Music which everyone should really be listening to in the evenings at least)

Retail (I’ve worked in retail most of my life and currently write a column for Retail Week)

Ethics (something I’ve always found fascinating and always worthy of a good verbal punch-up)

Free speech (I’m devoted to it as you may be able to tell – but I also try to be just as devoted to other people’s right to it)

The environment (Quite a recent interest for me I must admit but somewhat informed by the next subject)

Veganism/Vegetarianism (Yes I’m a vegan or at least close to one, as I still sometimes eat eggs – if you prefer, I’m a vegetarian that doesn’t do dairy)

Diet and lifestyle (Again I’m a recent discoverer of the value of both, but don’t worry I still drink too much so I can’t be that evangelical)

Animal and Human rights (I include that as one subject because I don’t believe in discrimination on the grounds of the possession of a beak or more than two legs )

Our increasing reliance on technology and cheap energy (Yes I’m aware of the irony in writing that online)

So there you have it.  Still here?  Great!  Well I hope in that case we can have a lot of interesting exchanges about one or all of these subjects at some point in the journey.  I welcome comments from everyone.  I don’t censor (unless you’re really pushing your luck) and I’m open to most trains of thought.

If I have any one philosophy it’s that you should challenge everything, avoid dogma, and always try to see both sides of an argument.  Well actually that was three philosophies so I’ll add a fourth for good measure.

Always wear a hat.

Thanks for reading

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